Anish Desai, MD joins our Side Ventures SERIES to tell us all about the podcast he runs.

We cover:

  • networking during the digital age
  • the birth of his podcast
  • what host he uses
  • how he creates an episode
  • experimenting with AI to create an episode
  • how to pick guests
  • his “underdog” past, and how it’s shaped his present venture
  • the WD-40 Story
  • how Dr. Desai sees himself as a “success”


The Guest

To read more about Dr. Anish Desai, find his socials, and even connect with him through the Inquiries box in our doctors’ profiles (if they opt in), click into his profile here.



Use #SoMeDocsDesai to post about what you’ve been impacted by, in any of Dr. Desai’s episodes, given that these messages are what he deems as “success”,


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The Non-Clinical Conference we’re running, which you can register for, or access after it goes live, here.

Healthcare podcasts can be found in our PODCAST Directory.

Our Doctor Directory can be found here.

Medical student Amanda Kaine was mentioned in this episode. You can find her profile here, and everything inside of it, including the articles and episodes she’s worked on.


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Podcasting With an UnderDog Past and WD-40 [EPISODE]

Anish Desai, MD speaks about how he podcasts, why he podcasts, and what he wishes will happen thanks to his podcast.

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