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* Jarret Patton, MD *




What are you really good at?





Have you had any formal training in this? Any course or preparatory recommendations?


Yes. I have invested in coaching from a well-established podcaster. She helped me learn about the art of podcasting and got me to refine my craft. Coaching is essential to gaining performance and growing as a podcaster (or anything for that matter.) I have also attended podcasting trade conferences which have also helped in my growth. If nothing else, there are some great podcasting youtube videos. 3,2,1 Podcast by Dr. Nii Darko is a quick read to help get you started. The Feed by Libsyn is a great podcast to learn more about podcasting.



How do you fit your skill into your day? What’s your ‘secret sauce’ (aka: any special secrets)?


Like many things that I prioritize, I carve time out for podcasting. Although there can be a lot of technical things involved; I make the time for them. I really enjoy the conversations I have with new and interesting people that can help spread valuable messages to others. The best advice I can offer is to simply have fun; if it is not fun it is not for you.



What are three excellent tips you have for those who look to excel in what you’re great at?







What is one single, most valuable piece of advice you can impart?


Podcasting can be daunting if you think about all that is involved. However, the best thing to do is to get started. Once you have your plan, you will start your first recording, next thing you know you will have 50, 100, and 200 episodes. Take action now!


Where can we find more of you?




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