Asha Padmanabhan, MD, FASA


Podcast: The Leadership Rx for Women Physicians

A podcast to inspire and motivate women physicians to lean in to leadership.


Podcast: The Leadership Rx for Women Physicians

A podcast to inspire and motivate women physicians to lean in to leadership.
Asha Padmanabhan, MD, FASA



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Women physicians in leadership or women physicians wanting to be in leadership face some challenges that are unique to us. Balancing career ambitions with family life can be daunting. Added to that, women still pick up most of responsibility for managing the home. The third dimension to this is the lack of self-belief that many women physicians have of themselves as a leader. This podcast, through interviews with women physicians in leadership, and through personal reflections and Coaching, seeks to share lessons learnt along the leadership journey of an ‘Accidental Leader”.

Having become an ‘accidental leader’ myself, I found myself totally unprepared in navigating all the minefields and pitfalls, all of it made worse by the fact that there didn’t seem to be many women in similar positions that I knew that I could reach out to. It was a lonely place to be. I thought my problems were unique to me, being a woman physician with a full time career navigating leadership while trying to do justice to my young kids. Until I started reaching out to women physicians across the country in search of answers that I needed for myself. And I realized while talking to other women physicians that I was not alone.  I then became passionate about sharing what I had learnt with other women physicians, and this podcast was born. Through conversations with women physicians in different stages of leadership, we explore the challenges we face and how each of us has handled them. At the same time, realizing through my Coaching practice that many women physicians struggle with leadership mindset, I also talk about how to handle those challenges so women physicians can embrace the leader in them and lean in to leadership.


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The Human Behind the Scenes

Happy Listening

Sample Topics

Impostor Syndrome and the woman physician

Leadership and advocacy for the woman physician

How to be a leader while still being a parent

Juggling career, leadership and family

Leadership for immigrant women physicians

The role of Coaching for effective leadership


Ideal Audience

Women physicians

What An Ideal Audience Member Gains By Tuning In:

Leadership mindset coaching, tips for balancing career advancement with family, how to handle the challenges women physicians face as leaders

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A podcast to inspire and motivate women physicians to lean in to leadership.

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