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Podcast: StressFreeMD

I teach physicians how to be stress-free from the inside out by sharing short “stress-free snacks” of information to accommodate their busy schedules so they can thrive!

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About This Podcast

Welcome to the StressFreeMD podcast! I am Dr. Robyn Tiger, your “Self-Care Doctor” — physician and stress management specialist — deeply passionate about sharing simple and effective “stress-free snacks” with my physician colleagues. I know how busy you are! So in these short 15 minute-ish podcast episodes, I will be sharing simple, quick and effective ways to become stress-free from the inside out. We also have special podcast guests, experts in different fields related to stress, who will share with you their tips and insight on how to live your healthiest life. Together, our goal is for you to become the best version of you and really THRIVE!

Podcast: Oh, the People You Will Meet

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Sample Topics

Morning Jitters: Learn a simple quick ” in bed” morning routine to alleviate those first thing in the morning jitters

5 to Thrive: Learn the answers to “what is self-care?” & “why do I  need to do it?” and the 5 key things you can do to keep you as healthy as possible

Hail to Your Exhale: Learn how you can work with your exhale breath to quickly feel calm and in control

Its Time to M.O.V.E.: Learn the 4 simple steps you can take to successfully achieve your goals

Stretching is a Stretch: Learn why stretching doesn’t work to alleviate chronic tension in your body and what actually does work

Strike a Pose: Learn the power of the shapes you make with your body and how that determines how you feel and what you can accomplish

Robyn Tiger MD | StressFreeMD
Podcast: StressFreeMD
Robyn Tiger MD | StressFreeMD
Podcast: StressFreeMD
Robyn Tiger MD | StressFreeMD
Podcast: StressFreeMD
Robyn Tiger, MD podcast

Ideal Listener

My target listener is any physician who is looking to prevent or relieve burnout, suffering from stress, anxiety and overwhelm, questioning life’s decisions, feeling unfulfilled, knowing that there has to be changes made but not knowing how or where to start.

What An Audience Gains By Tuning In:

Learn simple and effective ways to: Wake up feeling calm, balanced and ready for the day Work with your breath to feel calm or energized Sleep more soundly Relieve chronic tension in your body Improve relationships with  friends, family & colleagues Achieve goals  Get into the driver’s seat of your own life and take control Feel calm in the chaos Become resilient to whatever life brings

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