Podcast: My DPC Story

This podcast is to introduce you to doctors who practice in the Direct Primary Care model and hear their stories. Go ahead, get a little inspired. Heck, jump in and join the movement!

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About This Podcast

Hear about Direct Primary Care (DPC) directly from the physicians practicing DPC in their individual communities. Hear the reasons they chose DPC and how they are running their clinics!

DPC is a model of care that is growing like wildfire as physicians choose autonomy over being driven by insurance codes. How can this be true in the healthcare landscape of today? If you are familiar with subscriptions to Netflix, a gym or even a grocery delivery service, then you already understand how the DPC model works. Patients typically pay their doctor a monthly and sometimes annual fee and, in return, get a physician who gets to know them and is accessible to them. Is this concierge medicine? Arguably, NOPE! Concierge medicine typically charges a flat fee for access to the doctor and then bills your care to insurance and it typically is financially limiting. DPC averages per member per month are typically ranging from $10.00 a month to $150.00 month. If all of this sounds interesting, then this is the podcast for you!

Podcast: Oh, the People You Will Meet

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Direct Primary Care, DPC, Healthcare, Health Tech, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship, Burnout, Innovation, Insurance-Free Care, Transparency, Physician-led Care, Independent Practice, Private Practice, Medicine, Doctor Podcast, Business Podcast, Health and Wellness

Podcast: My DPC Story
Podcast: My DPC Story
Podcast: My DPC Story

Ideal Listener

A burned out physician or one who is aware the fee for service model is broken and who does not wish to practice in the typical insurance-driven clinic.

What An Audience Gains By Tuning In:

The number of lessons learned is limitless. Every time you listen, you will learn a new pearl. For those continuing on in their DPC journey, the lessons and pearls shared are translated differently based on where one is at!

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This podcast is to introduce you to doctors who practice in the Direct Primary Care model and hear their stories. Go ahead, get a little inspired. Heck, jump in and join the movement!

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