Karla Lester, M.D

Podcast: IME Community Self-love Superpower Podcast with Dr. Karla

This podcast will help you achieve your life and weight goals and make your mark in the world! Let’s cancel diet culture and start living your magical life!

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About This Podcast

Dr. Karla is a pediatrician, life and weight coach, mom of three amazing young people, and certified diplomate of the American Board of Obesity Medicine.  The IME Community podcast for parents, teens, and physicians is where self-love is your superpower to chase your goals and dreams.  IME Community is the only podcast where you get expertise, experience and compassion to cancel diet culture and be body positive in a body negative world.

Dr. Karla spends a lot of time on social media platforms, especially TikTok, learning about the harms of diet culture, and also coaching to disrupt weight stigma and bias in healthcare.

Coaching parents to focus on relational health and show up as loving and supportive parents for their teens, especially during the pandemic and a mental health crisis for teens, is Dr. Karla’s passion.

Whether it’s coaching on body image thoughts to think, how to stop weight bullying, how parents can help teens make big life decisions, how self-kindness is the key to your health goals or the harms of medical gaslighting due to weight stigma and bias, Dr. Karla is a fearless activist who has your back.

IME Community podcast guests include experts on community health, parenting, nutrition, childhood resilience, the power of thoughts, eating disorders, and more.

Podcast: Oh, the People You Will Meet

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Sample Topics

Do you bully your body? How to get unstuck from body negative thoughts!

Parents, stop weight bullying your kid and your kid’s friends!

Self-coaching parents to help teens prevent being a victim of sextortion on the internet!

Do you fully love and accept yourself no matter what?

Setting boundaries with teens to stop weight bullying!

Weight bullying and teens

The 25 ways parents get it wrong when it comes to their teens and weight!

Everything good in life comes from self-love!

Life coaching GenX parents: 10 ways to support your teen during global crises

Eating disorders thrive in secrecy, so let’s talk about it!

Self-kindness is the key to your health goals!

IME Community Top 10 self-care tips for teens!

Ideal Listener

Parents, teens and physicians

What An Audience Gains By Tuning In:

Teens, parents and physicians listening to the IME Community podcast will learn the coaching tools to cancel diet culture and be body positive in a body negative world! Dr. Karla brings her nearly 20 years of expertise, experience, and compassion addressing the childhood obesity epidemic to coach parents, teens, and physicians to create a healthier path moving forward. Learn her philosophy , “Let’s Meet in the Middle” to help you let go of what hasn’t worked and chase your goals and dreams.

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This podcast will help you achieve your life and weight goals and make your mark in the world! Let's cancel diet culture and start living your magical life!

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