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Dr Russell Kennedy, medical doctor and neuroscientist, suffered from crippling anxiety for decades, but finally healed himself from chronic worry using psychedelics and a distinctly non traditional approach.

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About This Podcast

The Anxiety Rx Podcast, named after the award winning and bestselling book Anxiety Rx,  shows people how to heal from chronic anxiety, from a doctor who’s been there. Dr Russ Kennedy is a medical doctor and neuroscientist who suffered severe anxiety as a result of growing up with a father who suffered with schizophrenia and bipolar illness. After trying every possible therapy, Dr Kennedy had to find a way to heal himself.

From living at a temple in India, to taking psychedelics, to becoming a yoga and meditation teacher, to being a professional stand up comedian in comedy clubs across the country for more than a decade (no joke!) Dr Russ draws on his own healing journey to help others overcome this crippling condition we call “anxiety” that affects millions —with no sign of slowing down.

Drawing on work in cognitive and somatic realms, he found a way to understand and treat anxiety in a brand new way, by seeing that what we call “anxiety” of the mind, is often rooted deep in the old trauma stored in the body. That unresolved wounding, typically from childhood, is the true source of our emotional pain, and the thoughts of the mind are only a byproduct of that old energy stored in the body. Most of anxiety is rooted in the unconscious mind, and as the body is a representation of that unconscious mind, we can use our body to heal our mind.

The Anxiety Rx Podcast discusses the mind body disconnect that creates anxiety in the first place and talks about both cognitive and body based ways of bringing mind and body back into connection to resolve anxiety for good!

Podcast: Oh, the People You Will Meet

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Sample Topics

Understanding the true source of anxiety and how it can be successfully treated
Techniques to ease the discomfort of anxiety and alarm
Ways to help understand and help a loved one who struggles with anxiety
How the latest in neuroscience can help relieve anxiety
Psychedelics and their role in understanding and healing chronic anxiety and alarm



Russel Kennedy's podcast, Anxiety Rx

Ideal Listener

Anyone who struggles with anxiety themselves, or wants to help someone with anxiety.

What An Audience Gains By Tuning In:

A new understand of what anxiety truly is (and isn’t) along with practical ways to overcome it.

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"You can't heal a FEELING problem like anxiety with a THINKING solution"

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