Even Doctors Need Life Lessons: Physician Panel

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Live roundtable discussions made of physician, centered around topics covered in our LIVE lecture series Even Doctors Need Life Lessons.


Drs. Bueche, Wilkins, Roelands, McNeary, Saul. Gregory, Tait, Verrico, Wust-Smith, Garv, Cruz, Wolf, Maouelainin, Block, Houston, Grosso, Yoo, Lin, Singh, Grimes, Recinos, Jangouk, Akintade, Loo, Law, Hammerstedt, Coleman, Sharma, Vasquez, Bhaskar, Stiegler, Bates, Williams, Dorrah, Pepper, Wright, Liang, Good, Toffle, Kamat, Evka, Lang, Zhu, Dyne


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Even Doctors Need Life Lessons: Physician Panel

Live roundtable discussions made of physician, centered around topics covered in our LIVE lecture series Even Doctors Need Life Lessons.

Discussion centers around "Indistractable" lecture: featuring Drs. Kerry Wilkins, Dr. Jennifer Roelands, Dr. Lennox McNeary, Dr. Robert Saul.

1 How do we prevent become “indistractable” in healthcare?

Physician Discussion Panel: "Storytelling" Lecture

2 How is storytelling useful in a healthcare setting?

3 Should job titles define you, where it comes to the healthcare field?

4 How can healthcare professionals engage on Twitter to grow?

5 How do we improve the audio of our online creations, as health professionals?

6 How do hospitality concepts fit into the field of healthcare?

Physician Discussion: "Messaging" Lecture

7 How can we level-up our messaging as healthcare professionals, in a world where communication is so important?

8 What can we do to accomplish more, as healthcare professionals?

9 How should we run companies as healthcare professionals?

10 How should we approach writing as healthcare professionals?

11 How can we maximize goal-setting in healthcare?

Physician Discussion: "Difficult Conversations" Lecture

12 How do we build up emotional intelligence for those difficult conversations in healthcare?

13 Is reputation management important in healthcare?

14 How do we connect with others in healthcare today?

Behind the scenes

series Host

Dr. Amelia L. Bueche is a specialist in Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, nurturing health and empowering patients to realize their amazing inherent capacity. Dr. Bueche founded This Osteopathic Life to expand the understanding and application of osteopathic philosophy beyond the clinical setting, ultimately serving as guiding principles for a cultural revolution grounded in love and humanity.  Dr Bueche is a leader of coaches and a coach of leaders, serving as Chair of Coaching for AMWA IGNITE and is the founder of Coaching For Institutions – Bringing Health to Medicine. She specializes in design and facilitation of coaching programs for physicians at all stages of education, training and practice, helping them unleash their inner potential to develop immunity to burnout and find success in any situation.

Behind the scenes

series creator

Dana Corriel, MD

Dana Corriel, MD, is the founder of SoMeDocs & a board-certified internist. She made a decision to pivot in early 2020, in order to try her hand at “innovating” in the digital healthcare space. She continues to grow as a digital creator & loves every single minute of her new career trajectory. She sometimes has time to share more personal work in her online portfolio, at drcorriel.com.

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