Personal Financial Planning Before Your Start Your Private Practice

Elisa Chiang, MD PhD teaches what to do to get your personal finances in order before starting your private medical practice.

At a glance:


Leaving and employed position to start a medical practice can be daunting. No only is there a lot to set up to start a private practice, creating your legal structure, getting a location, hiring staff, purchasing equipment, but you also need capital for start-up. If you’re leaving an employed position, you’ll also have a drop in income until your practice gets established, which takes months and possibly years. Getting your personal finances in order is an important step in starting your own private practice.


Target Audience: healthcare professionals who want to get their personal finances in order.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Determine how much capital or savings to have when starting your private practice
  2. Getting your personal finances in order prior to starting your private practice
  3. Differentiating and separating business finances from personal finances


(This lecture is part of our Private Practice 101: Starting Your Own)

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Elisa Chiang, MD

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Elisa Chiang, MD


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