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Permission To Pivot- Healing, Life, and Career Transition Support

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This community is for humans seeking support during a career and/or life transition and who also wish to support others; mostly for physicians and dentists.

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Organizer: Jillian Rigert, DMD, MD

When my journey took a major pivot off the traditional path, I felt alone, isolated, and defeated. I lived in survival mode for years. When you are there, it may be hard to find the resources and trustworthy support from people that “get it”. The Permission to Pivot Community, which includes the Facebook Group and YouTube channel, was created with that in mind- to bring together individuals that may provide mutual support and walk with each other in our journeys as we embrace our power within and create a life on our terms.
When we reclaim our lives and venture into new territory, we often try new things and may be afraid of how and where to promote what we offer. In the Facebook group, I hope people may feel safe and supported to both share what they offer and find what they need.
Because we are strong. Stronger together. <3
**Please make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel to join the community as well as support the channel. Thank you!**
“It's a clever & needed resource because it allows so many of us to equally help each other grow”

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