Oshin Behl, MD

Physician-scientist, Medical innovator, Mentor

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Healthcare Management | Neurology | Otolaryngology | Physician

“A jack of all trades is a master of none, but much better than a master of one.”

Oshin is a doctor and researcher by profession, mentor and networker by passion, and a health innovator at heart.

After completing her Medicine and Surgery degree from India, she was offered the Kosing scholarship to pursue her Dr. med. in Dresden, Germany, where she also worked on projects by Novartis and Sony in the field of VR in healthcare. A believer of lifelong learning, she is currently enrolled at the Harvard Medical School Leadership in Medicine certificate program. She is a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Czech Republic, where she also participated in the Innovation Day at Dex-IC, and won, qualifying her team for the EU winners event where their team was in the top 10. Since then, she has been in close touch with several EIT Health Alumni and has also been working as a Medical Technology consultant for some of them. Besides, she is also building a medical-technology-specific Clinical/Contract Research Organisation (ethiCRO) in collaboration with her non-profit (GCMER), through which she aims to help budding medical technology to be brought to the market at the earliest, without compromising on quality.

She dreams of a cohesive digital health metaverse, where language and geographical location are no longer a barrier. If you (or anyone you know) are passionate about digital health, community building or the future of health in general, get in touch with her via her email or LinkedIn.

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"It's time that doctors get a seat at the healthcare table"
Oshin Behl, MD
Oshin Behl, MD

"It's time that doctors get a seat at the healthcare table"

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