Ona Utuama, MD,MPH

Family Physician | Entrepreneur


Dr. Ona Utuama is the founder and creative director of Tribal ëyës, an e-commerce eyewear brand. She launched the brand in September 2020 to introduce ethnic patterns, and diversify the structure and designs in eyewear fashion. The labels’ patented design prides itself in infusing ethnic patterns into acetate, a novel concept in the eyewear industry, with each displaying a plumage of colors. Following Tribal ëyës appearance at London and Paris Fashion Week 2021, the brand is stocked at Anthropologie Dubai Mall UAE, Hudson Bay Canada, BM Franklin & Co (Ponce City) and Verishop USA. Ona attended HBCU Morehouse school of medicine, and was residency association president and graduating resident of the year 2016. She is an Emory University 2019 Forty under 40 alumni award recipient and derives pleasure in networking and meeting the brands eyewear tribe at pop up events. Off work, she loves playing tennis, scrabble, ping pong, and biking with her 16year old, 11 year old and 6 year old sons respectively. Ona through Tribal ëyës donates eyegoggles/eyewear to health facilities in West Africa, and mentors Spelman College students in Atlanta. She hopes to volunteer more and travel the world.

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I am a family medicine physician and founder and creative director of Tribal ëyës, an e-commerce eyewear brand.
Ona Utuama, MD
Ona Utuama, MD,MPH

I am a family medicine physician and founder and creative director of Tribal ëyës, an e-commerce eyewear brand.

Ona Utuama, MD

How to Run an E-commerce Business and Win

Ona Utuama, MD, MPH sells eyewear like hotcakes. But she admits that the e-commerce field is nothing like medical school (it’s a whole different beast). From idea to launch, e-commerce, PR, marketing, sales and getting into retail stores: tune in to learn how.

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