Never Lose Another Negotiation – A System for Successful Negotiations [CONFERENCE]

David Norris, MD MBA, a negotiation consultant, lectures on how to avoid being manipulated emotionally at the negotiation table.

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(Part of the Entrepreneurship & Networking for Doctors Conference)

Are you tired of feeling like your teeth have been kicked by the other side? Do you feel as if you have been taken advantage of? Are you left wondering how the negotiation is a win-win when you feel poorly about the outcome? A solid and systematic approach to negotiation is critical for achieving a successful outcome. Only when you employ a proven negotiation system can you control your emotions and make clear decisions. In this session, you will learn how the adversary will try to take advantage of you by manipulating your emotions, three things you never want to do at the negotiation table, and what you can do you prepare to win your. negotiation. If you act and utilize the information we cover in this talk, your fear will be reduced, your emotions will be under control, and you will make better decisions when in a negotiation.

Topics to be covered:

• Three things you must consider before any negotiation.
• How to protect yourself when the adversary attempts to manipulate your emotions and
• Good and bad behaviors at the negotiation table.
• Four reasons people say no and how to handle hearing “No.”

The Speaker

The Speaker

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David Norris, MD, MBA, CPE

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