Nesrin Abu Ata, MD

Integrative Psychiatrist. Family Doc. Entrepreneur.


Inspired by a vision to integrate her intuitive wisdom, mindfulness self-compassion practices, shamanic and yoga practices with her medical expertise, Dr. Abu Ata founded Mind; Alchemy and Mindful Heart Coaching.  She is a board certified psychiatrist and family medicine physician and is in private practice. Dr. Abu Ata believes in providing holistic care that includes the mind, body and spirit in the context of personal growth, relationships with others and in community. Dr. Abu Ata is here to support you by providing a mindfully cultivated practice of presence and expertise. Working with Dr. Abu Ata, you learn to weave your unique tapestry that supports your needs on your YOU-nique journey.

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"Harnessing The Power of Mindful Transformation"
Nesrin Abu Ata, MD
Nesrin Abu Ata, MD

"Harnessing The Power of Mindful Transformation"

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