Nauf Latef Azad, DO, MSc

Founder & Director of Mental Wealth; Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry; Child, Adolescent, and Reproductive Psychiatrist

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Physician | Psychiatry | Public Health

Dr. Azad is a physician who specializes in child, adolescent, perinatal, and adult psychiatry. She is a Georgetown trained psychiatrist with extensive experience catering to the unique mental health needs across the life cycle from preschoolers to adults. Although she treats all psychiatric disorders, she has a special area of expertise in eating disorders, perinatal/reproductive psychiatry, college mental health, positive psychiatry, and mood and anxiety disorders.

Outside of private practice, Dr. Azad serves as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Georgetown University Hospital where she enjoys teaching medical students and early career physicians. Prior to founding Mental Wealth, Dr. Azad spent the early part of her career serving as the Medical Director of a chain of eating disorder clinics across the DMV and established herself as the local DC expert in eating disorders.

Dr. Azad completed a double Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience and South Asian Studies at Wellesley College and then pursued a Master of Science in Global Health at The University of Edinburgh in Scotland prior to obtaining her medical degree at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine-NY. She completed both her general adult psychiatry residency training and child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship training at Georgetown University Hospital. She has resided in DC for the past decade and is well-versed in the various nuances of the city and their impact on mental health. She has worked in numerous settings ranging from emergency departments to intensive outpatient programs where she has seen a diverse patient population benefit from treatment led by her and teams directed by her.

Dr. Azad is not just a clinician, but an advocate and educator. She strives to help each patient grasp their full potential by facilitating connections to tools that lead each patient to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

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Advocate for self-progress and mental health optimization.
Nauf Latef Azad, DO, MSc
Nauf Latef Azad, DO, MSc

Advocate for self-progress and mental health optimization.


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