Move During the Day to Sleep Better at Night.

How does exercise affect sleep? Try these tips.

How does exercise affect sleep?


Exercising during the day helps us fall asleep naturally and get higher quality sleep. Exercise is a great way to release stress.


We know it’s important to balance movement and rest in our lives but this can seem challenging during the holidays and in our busy lives.🤔


Try these tips:


  1. Exercise first thing in the morning or early in the day. You will jump start your metabolism and get it done reliably.
  2. Find and keep an accountability partner.
  3. Try to get outside as much as possible, so you can soak in more daytime light and exercise at the same time.
  4. Stay well hydrated, especially in the winter months. Try drinking warm ginger tea if you get bored with water.


🌟A special Ayurvedic tip:🌟

Exercise should be personalized.


☄️The kind of exercise you need (meaning high intensity, moderate etc) really depends on your Dosha or mind/body type. For example, if your primary Dosha is Vata, you can become injured or burn out if you’re exercising too much. On the other hand, Kapha types need to push themselves a bit harder with exercise.💃🏽


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