Mously Le Blanc, MD, FAAPMR

Physician, coach, energy healer


Dr. Mously Le Blanc, is a highly awarded and sought-after medical doctor, holistic intuitive healer, and coach. Dr.
Mo received her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania and completed her residency training in
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Columbia and Cornell University Hospitals. She has been recognized as a
Top Doctor multiple years in a row and has earned many teaching and patient care awards. She is a bestselling
author, podcaster and motivational speaker that has been featured in the media including CBS, FOX and SHIFT
Network. She is the founder of Holistic Health and Healing, dedicated to holistic and intuitive healing and
coaching. As a master teacher of reiki, neurolinguistic (NLP) and akashic record readings, Dr. Le Blanc takes a
holistic heart-centered approach to healing that addresses the mind, body, heart and soul by incorporating energy
healing techniques with coaching to quickly and effectively empower women to transform their lives.
In her experience as a doctor treating cancer and chronic pain patients, she has witnessed directly how emotional
trauma and burnout result in physical manifestation of pain and illness. She empowers successful women experiencing burnout and betrayal to get off the hamster wheel of overwhelm to find self-acceptance, balance and
courage to create a life they love on their own terms so that burnout is a thing of the past. She discusses her healing
methods in her book entitled, “Unleash the Healing Within: How to stop relying on things outside yourself to heal
yourself”. She enjoys curating retreat experiences and VIP days to take clients on deeply transformative journeys to
connect within and heal their past trauma. She is a motivational speaker at one of the highest ranked luxury
destination spa resorts in the world, bringing her message of self love and intuitive healing to the masses.

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Love is medicine and it starts with YOU!
Mously Le Blanc, MD, FAAPMR
Mously Le Blanc, MD, FAAPMR

Love is medicine and it starts with YOU!


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