we showcase what experts do both in their day job and "on the side".

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Your SoMeDocs profile is a special space. It resides on the large, communal SoMeDocs website, where we showcase today’s innovative, leading health experts, and “show you off” as health brains that SHOULD BE followed, hired, and cherished. You’ve worked hard to earn degrees and make a difference, and now it’s time for the world to see! 

Want to understand this concept better? Read more about how Your Profile is a Store in the SoMeDocs Mall (coming soon).

Your profile features you and is built around your offerings & your expertise. The goal for us is to make your profile look great, and convince our audience to want to connect directly with you! This is why we also advise everyone to have their own website, or space where you can be contacted. 

Once your profile is submitted and built, anything additional that’s uploaded into our website – your articles, a podcast feature, speaking sample – will be added there, to build you a beautiful portfolio. 

We have our unique design team in place, headed by our founder, an internist turned digital builder/consultant, who then promote the content you upload to the audience of our platforms. You can share the content, too, and we will reshare!

Our aim is to get more eyeballs on YOUR work, with the following possible outcomes:

  • more patients find you & follow your online work (maybe even come see you in the office if they’re local)
  • more businesses/startups reach out to you for open positions: boards, advisors, etc
  • more conferences reach out to you to bring you on as an expert (get paid at a speaking gig!)
  • more podcasts can link up and bring you on to help with even more promotion
  • more journalists & members of media connect with you directly, for more accurate health news reporting
  • more opportunities seeking health experts are aware of you and your presence online, and can quickly connect, in an online sea of otherwise unverified voices


Our profiles are specially built to be sleek and easy to use, and are constantly evolving based on needs that arise from both our experts – you – and the audience looking to connect with them. 

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Profiles of physicians on SoMeDocs
we showcase what experts do both in their day job and as "side venture".

We showcase: speakers. writers. podcasters. coaches. events. articles.

How Our Audience Will See Your Work

The following is edited footage from a LIVE webinar delivered by our our founder, taking physician writers on a journey through some of our website’s featured. This can easily apply to physician podcasters, speakers, coaches, or any other innovator looking to spread their work in an innovative expert community.

we provide priceless lectures

We line up lectures to help with professional development concepts needed to innovate in today's digital age

*NEW* CME credits available for lectures!

Meet some of our physicians


Take a look at some of the physicians who already have pages built in.

coaches dept
Cecilia Cruz, MD

Dr. Cecilia Cruz is a 20+ year Emergency Medicine veteran, who now runs her own coaching business to help physicians experience higher satisfaction and fulfillment in their careers.

louis profeta, md

A bestselling author, Emergency Physician, and one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Healthcare, Dr. Profeta aims to deliver talks in relatable, everyday ways. And he hits a home run every time.

podcasters dept
charmaine gregory, md

Despite a fear of public speaking, Dr. Gregory, a board-Certified Emergency Room physician with 16 years of experience, actively pushes past her barriers by regularly podcasting,

MArk McLaughlin, MD

A board-certified neurosurgeon, national media commentator, author, & acclaimed keynote speaker, Dr. McLaughlin practices surgery focusing on trigeminal neuralgia/spine surgery.

become your own boss. Package your expertise.

create courses. add them to our "university" space.

share wisdom, in an article section, right inside your profile

articles that are "stand-out" will also get pulled into our public "articles" section, & circulated across our socials accordingly.

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