Monica Milas, DO

physician, mother, entrepreneur


I am a board certified Family Medicine physician that works as a night shift hospitalist while building a medical spa.  I enjoy helping my patients at the spa look and feel radiant so that they can can feel more confident and shine.  Working as a nocturnist allows me to work days at the spa and give it a chance to grow.  I also have 4 kids that help utilize all the rest of my time.  My goal is to hopefully be able to work full time at the spa.  Looking to continue to add treatments and services to help my patients flourish!

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I want my family, friends and patients to be happy and healthy!
Monica Milas, DO
Monica Milas, DO
physician, mother, entrepreneur

I want my family, friends and patients to be happy and healthy!


Business inquiries only please: journalists looking for quotes, businesses looking for advisors/consultants, or events looking for speakers.

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