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Has Breast Cancer disrupted your sex life? Has it changed the intimacy with your partner? Do you struggle to recognize and connect with your new body? Are you worried that you will never feel sexy, flirtatious, and passionate again? 


So many patients struggle to find their “new sexual normal” after breast cancer. And nobody talks about it!  We often expect that the sex will “rebound” when the most taxing treatments are completed, but… how? The changes in body shape, size, sensation, and sexual responsiveness can leave a woman and her partner feeling lost, overwhelmed and hopeless. That is why I am here. I am a physician and sex therapist, and I will guide you to your new sexual bliss – the sex life you only dream about…the sex life you deserveIn this brief course you will learn everything you need to know to reboot your sex life, so that your new normal is actually the sex life you WANT.


Sign up TODAY to get the special Early Bird rate! It will be like having your own sex therapist guide you from the comfort of your home (and for a tiny fraction of the price!). You will have lifetime access, so invest in your sex life and relationship NOW, before the 6-week Mini-Course launches in Summer 2021!

Melanie Modjoros, MD

Physician and Sex Therapist

As a women’s health physician and AASECT Certified Sexuality Counselor, I created my practice to address the sexual health of complex patients. I provide sex therapy to patients who struggle with their sexual experience and/or intimacy. A patient who has an illness or a chronic condition is, first and foremost, a whole person with a sex life (not just the diagnosis). Sex may *pause* with some illnesses and treatments, but it does not have to STOP forever. Breast cancer is not end of great sex! In fact, with improved mind-body awareness and improved communication skills, many breast cancer survivors go on to have the best sex of their lives! My goal is to offer the road map for how to get there.

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Sex After Breast Cancer

Heal the Medical Trauma and Reclaim Your Pleasure!

Every woman with breast cancer is unique, in her specific medical details, and her treatments, and her side effects. But all breast cancer patients and survivors share a common experience — their relationship with their breasts changed.  During diagnosis, evaluation, and management of the cancer, the breasts are necessarily “medicalized”.  Exposure and touch of the breasts, which may have been meaningful and intimate in the past, becomes commonplace within the medical system of follow ups and testing.  Many patients and survivors feel detached from their breasts, and confused and lonely in their grief. Other times, a patient makes really good, reasonable choices about her treatment, but the surgeries and medications leave her body looking and feeling different. It can be shocking to realize that you don’t recognize your body anymore, and it doesn’t respond to touch like before…..leading to more detachment and emotional pain around the sexual experience.

What if you could learn to love your new body and enjoy it sensually and sexually, all in the privacy of your own home? That’s exactly why I created this program so you will feel complete and whole, sensually and sexually, and empowered to create YOUR ideal sex life for YOU. This course gives you the tools you need to develop a foundation of safety and trust in your body, and the skill set to translate those feelings into sensual pleasure. In the 6 week Mini Course to Get Your Sexy Back after Breast Cancer, you will learn how to recover  and revive your sex life, on your terms to reach your goals. Release shame, anxiety, guilt, sadness so you can get your sensuality and sexual pleasure back.

This course is designed for breast cancer patients, survivors, and their partners. (Many of the exercises and meditations are breast-specific, but the educational content is for all audiences.) For example, you will learn about the body’s sexual response and how stress/anxiety/worry steals the body’s pleasure. You will learn how to enjoy the sensual moments without fear/stress/worry interfering in the moment. Your sensuality will transform as you listen to  my specialized audio meditations that will teach you, step by step,  how to connect with your new body, and how to design your new normal. I will show you how to release shame, guilt, sadness,  and fear from future sexual experiences, so you can enjoy your body’s pleasure again. 

Right now is the first page of the next chapter of your sex life. Pre-register for this phenomenal 6-week Mini-Course NOW to lock in this low Early Bird Rate! 

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Incredible Course Features

Video lessons teach you exactly what you need to know to recover your sex life.

Weekly lessons explain sexual dysfunctions, the difference between sensual and sexual, and how to release the pain so you can enjoy sex again, embodied and empowered.

Guided Meditations and Exercises create peace and UNITY between mind and body.

Audio Meditations guide you through healing to process and release shame, anxiety, guilt, anger, and grief. You will gain relaxation, clarity, and the ability to access your pleasure centers easily.

PDF Printables and Worksheets so you can access the information easily without screens.

Worksheets for individuals and couples to improve communication and intimacy. The recommended exercises are also available as PDF for your convenience.

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