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Mind Over Motherhood

At a glance: Your new favourite podcast for all things mindset, motherhood and mental health.
Your new favourite podcast for all things mindset, motherhood and mental health.

Podcasting Genre

Mental Health

About the Podcast

The Mind Over Motherhood Podcast is your new favourite show for all things mindset, mental health + motherhood.

Each week, Dr. Carly Crewe, MD Psychotherapist and Women’s Mental Health Expert will bring you effective mental health tools and practical motherhood tips to help you manage anxiety, overcome overwhelm and be the best mom you can be. Combining real world stories with research + professional experience, Mind Over Motherhood is designed to help you manage your mind so you can thrive in motherhood. Grab a cup of something delicious and let’s dive in.

Your new favourite podcast for all things mindset, motherhood and mental health.

ideal listener

Women (both mothers and non-mothers) who are looking for relatable and practical advice for managing anxiety, overcoming overwhelm and being as present as possible in their lives.

What will an audience member gain by listening to this podcast?

"Easy-to-implement and practical strategies, digestible and relevant brain science to help women understand anxiety, perfectionism and overwhelm. Support for creating healthy boundaries, sustainable self-care routines and tips for keeping yourself grounded in motherhood. Relatable solo episodes and entertaining guest episodes, with a meditation or two sprinkled in. "

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Your new favourite podcast for all things mindset, motherhood and mental health.

Mind Over Motherhood

About this podcaster

Dr. Carly Crewe is a physician, psychotherapist, mindset coach, and women’s mental health expert. After experiencing significant postpartum mood disorder after the birth of her twins, Carly became passionate about helping women have the information they need to manage their mental health in a way that feels good to them. Passionate about revolutionizing mental health care, Carly is the CEO of Eunoia Medical, an innovative virtual mental health clinic for women, designed to meet women where they are. She also runs The Eunoia Collective, a monthly mental health membership program for women who are ready to feel like themselves again, designed to introduce women to her signature system The Eunoia Approach.
Dr. Carly Crewe, MD CCFP

Previous episodes:

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  • How To Talk To Your Family About Your Mental Health
  • Signs You Have Anxiety Without Realizing It
  • Signs You May Need Medication for Your Mood
  • You Need Better Boundaries, Yes You!

A Quote to Remember

Mind Over Motherhood is like having a cup of coffee with your local trusty doctor and brutally honest best friend, rolled into one.

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