Dr. Rick Zollinger, MD Coaches, LLC

Coaching Genre: Personal Development/Leadership

I am excited to see what our younger physicians do to change the world. I specialize in mentoring the future of medicine.
Rick Zollinger, MD
Rick Zollinger, MD

Dr. Rick Zollinger, MD Coaches, LLC

Coaching Genre: Personal Development/Leadership

I am excited to see what our younger physicians do to change the world. I specialize in mentoring the future of medicine.

What I do as a Coach

Client success means you have explored new ways of thinking, are open to possibility, and embrace the intuition that rests and guides within you.

My Topics

  • physician leadership
  • career transition
  • physician burnout
  • mindfulness and meditation
  • finding joy in medicine
  • professional development

My Ideal Client

I’m here to help clients in any stage of their professional journey, but I hold a special place in my heart for the new generation of physicians who are entering or have recently entered the wonderful, complex world of healthcare.

What does client success looks like?

Client success to me means the client is open to exploring new ways of thinking AND doing based on fruitful discussions and guided personal development.
Rick Zollinger, MD
Rick Zollinger, MD, FACS
Rick Zollinger, MD, FACS

About the Coach

I have more than three decades in general, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery as well as certification in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine. As a well-respected clinician, educator and organizational leader, I have been a member of and held appointments with The American College of Surgeons, North Carolina Surgical Association, The Southern Surgical Society, The Society for Thoracic Surgery and The International Surgical Society. In addition to many years of clinical experience, I have also succeeded in multiple practice settings as a single practitioner to larger multi-specialty clinics. As founder of The Charlotte Cardiothoracic Surgical Group, Rick is well-versed in the requirements for growth of a successful practice and professional career. I have been actively involved in education and leadership roles, serving as Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery for the Department of Vascular Surgery at UNC/Chapel Hill, Medical Director for Carolina Wound Care Center, Physician Training Faculty member and Area Medical Director for Diversified Clinical Services. I currently serve as an executive physician coach with MD Coaches.

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