Mark Lopatin MD, FACP, FACR, FCPP

Rheumatologist, Trustee for the Pennsylvania Medical Society Board of Directors, Health care advocate

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At a Glance:

“Health care should be a human interaction between a patient and a physician, rather than a business transaction between a consumer and a provider”

About me

As a practicing rheumatologist, I knew NOTHING about politics until I was named in a frivolous lawsuit in 2000.  Due to issues of joint and several liability and venue in place at the time, along with my naiveté in medical legal issues, I settled the suit.  However, my anger at the system spurred me to become politically active, both in organized medicine and at a grassroots level.   Initially I spoke and wrote primarily about tort reform, but over the years, that became less of an issue in Pennsylvania.  Over the years,  I have evolved. I have written numerous articles and op-eds regarding issues such as prior authorization, scope of practice, MOC, venue, cost transparency etc..   I have recently completed writing a book, entitled Rheum for Improvement which describes my journey.  It should be available early in 2022.  I am retired as of the beginning of 2021.

Prior Authorization Compromises Patient Care

Prior Authorization Compromises Patient Care

Prior authorization by insurance companies compromises patient care in a number of ways. Insurance companies must be held accountable for the medical decisions they make, just as physicians are accountable for the medical decisions we make.

Price Transparency is Essential.

Health care is the only industry where a consumer does not find out the cost of a product or service until after they have purchased it. That needs to change.

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