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Due to rapid growth and expert interest, we have converted this page to a “pitch” form. Submit your lecture pitch and we will get back to you on whether you’ve been accepted as a lecturer, to appear in front of our audience. We have 40,000 followers and growing, including a community of 5,000+ medical doctors interested in growing in the digital space!

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We’re excited to be building series for thought leaders online, and connecting the experts who embrace this space.

The lecture you’re submitting below, if accepted, will be LIVESTREAMED into our interactive community. It may also make it into our SERIES, if it gets sufficient traction and positive feedback from the online community (and unless it’s already slotted into one of our SERIES).

Structure of Your Series

Our series are currently being curated based on specific topics and feature the live lectures you deliver.

Lecture specifics are prepared in advance, in order to get everyone who follows SoMeDocs to know exactly what they’re tuning in for (our followers’ time is uber-valuable!) and get excited for the talk. We collect speaker info so we can build a beautiful presentation that showcases you.

When it’s time to go live, our audience can then click into, and interact in real-time with, your lecture, enhancing its delivery & experience, making it feel more like a real-life conference. Anyone who misses it can catch it on the episode page itself, depending on its visibility (some lectures are public and others are for our NETWORK).

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It’s very easy. Just fill out the form below. In fact, click here to be teleported there.

It has been built to help us showcase you, and build the proper introduction for you to our audience. 

Please read the rest of this section to ensure you’re comfortable with our plan before you proceed with the form.

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If your lecture is accepted and scheduled for a LIVE, customized details about you and your lecture will be sent out to our followers. We are considering accepting pre-recorded lectures sometime in the future.

Tagging us: please use @SoMeDocs, where relevant, to include us in any shares. We get the notification & may re-share. for even more eyeballs.

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We love our experts. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions, an idea, a testimonial, or just want to say hello. We got you.

The digital world is an exciting new tool for connection. It's a new age communication canvas. But don't just envision the possibilities. Live them.

— Dana Corriel, MD, SoMeDocs Founder —

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Give more details about what you'll be teaching in your lecture. Bullet points are appreciated, as they help simplify content for readers.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT part. Please provide a link to a video showcasing your work, so we can see you in action (could be past lecture, video series, etc). If you do not have this, pleaser record yourself using your phone, introducing yourself, and telling us what you plan to cover. This will serve to help us determine whether you'd make a great presenter for our audience! Make sure to include https://

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