Laura Suttin, MD, MBA, MCPDC

physician, coach, entrepreneur

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Family Medicine | Physician

I’m a family physician, entrepreneur, and certified coach. I am a San Antonio native where I live with my husband and our 4 children. I attended medical school in Houston, completed my residency training in Corpus Christi, and later received an MBA from the University of Texas at Dallas. I received my coaching certification from the Physician Coaching Institute in 2021.

Coaching has been life-changing for me over the past 10 years. Working with a coach has enabled me to move from a frustrated new mom physician, who sought validation and didn’t prioritize self-care, to a thriving, purposeful, empowered woman and leader. I founded The Purposeful MD in 2021 with the mission to help other physicians create the lives they love without guilt.

My other joys in life are my family, travel, camping, reading, writing, being outdoors, and running/ triathlon.

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I help physicians have more time to do the things they love.
Laura Suttin, MD, MBA, MCPDC
Laura Suttin, MD, MBA, MCPDC

I help physicians have more time to do the things they love.

Reconnecting with My Core

Reconnecting with My Core

Laura Suttin, MD, MBA, MCPDC: Consistency of daily habits – exercise, meditation, journaling – are critical to my overall well-being.


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