Knowledge is Power: Know Your Genes

Genetic counselor Angela Arnold Ross dispels misconceptions surrounding inherited cancer risk. You will understand how genetic counselors empower patients with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

At a glance:


Target Audience: Those fighting cancer, loved ones and caregivers (including, but not limited to physicians, social workers, nurses)

Learning Objectives:

Back to Basics:

  • a. Understand the difference between inherited and sporadic cancer.
  • b. Understand the different meanings of genetic terminology used during medical appointments.

2. Understand how genetic testing and the role of cancer genetic counselors has become an essential part of a patient’s care team.

3. Identify and describe inherited cancer syndromes, with a particular focus on women’s cancers.

4. Acquire the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions regarding:

  • a. Genetic testing options.
  • b. High-risk cancer screening and management options.

5. Understand topics encountered during clinical consultations, including:

  • a. Available resources and support.
  • b. Insurance coverage.
  • c. Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) and the CUREs Act.
  • d. How to find a local genetic counselor.


(This lecture is part of our Empowering Women In The Face Of Cancer: Navigating The Path Forward)

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The Lecturer(s)

Angela Arnold Ross (Angela G. Arnold), MS, LCGC

Angela Arnold Ross (Angela G. Arnold), MS, LCGC

Angela Arnold Ross, MS, LCGC is an ABGC certified, NJ and PA Licensed genetic counselor with nearly 25 years of experience providing genetic counseling services. She has extensive experience at evaluating and counseling patients and their families on a wide range of familial cancer syndromes/ disorders and the disease risks associated with them. She has had numerous leadership roles, has a collaborative nature, innovative ideas, and devotion to patient care. She is highly involved in patient advocacy. She is highly regarded for her passion for delivering educational lectures on genetic counseling, cancer risk, and hereditary cancer syndromes to patients, communities, and medical professionals. Her mission is to separate fact from fiction, empower people with accurate genetic information for medical decision making.

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Angela Arnold Ross (Angela G. Arnold), MS, LCGC

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Angela Arnold Ross (Angela G. Arnold), MS, LCGC


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