Kindle Vella: Getting Started in Three Easy Steps [CONFERENCE]

In three easy steps, learn how to use the new serial platform, Kindle Vella. Publish your book as you write it! Earn as you write!

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Wouldn’t it be great

  • If you could publish a book without having to finish it first?
  • If you could get paid as you write?
  • If you could interact with your readers?
  • If you could read books like you watch TV shows – one episode at a time?

Find out how you can get started Amazon’s new serial reading and publishing platform – Kindle Vella.


Target Audience:

This session is great for

  • writers of genre fiction and non-fiction (Action & Adventure, Children’s Stories, Dystopian, Erotica, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror, Humor, LGBTQ, Mystery, New Adult & College, Nonfiction, Paranormal, Romance, Science Fiction, Teen & Young Adult, Thriller)
  • writers who want to get paid as they write
  • self-motivated writers
  • writers who are keen to try something new

It’s a revolutionary approach to writing and publishing. Come see how you can be part of it!


Learning Objectives:

Go step by step through the process. You will learn

  • How to sign up for an account 
  • How to create your story
  • How to upload your episodes

In addition, see how authors get paid and how to read on Kindle Vella.

(Note: Maria Simbra is an author on Kindle Vella, but she is not affiliated with or a representative of Amazon or Kindle Vella.  No income guarantees from Kindle Vella are associated with this  lecture.)


(This lecture is part of our Writers Conference For Healthcare Professionals)

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