Kelly Fradin, MD FAAP

Pediatrician, Mother, Author


Dr. Kelly Fradin (@AdviceIGiveMyFriends) is a pediatrician, mother of two, and child advocate based in New York City. She was inspired to become a doctor because of her experience surviving childhood cancer. A graduate of Harvard College and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, she has dedicated her career to caring for children with complex medical conditions in many situations including academic clinics, private practice, inpatient units and schools.

She shares realistic and empowering parenting advice and children’s health information on her Instagram account @AdviceIGiveMyFriends and in her first book Parenting in a Pandemic. Her new book, Advanced Parenting: Advice for Helping Kids Through Diagnoses, Differences, and Mental health Challengeswill be published April 11, 2023 by Hachette/Balance. Weaving together actionable advice, relatable case-studies, and valuable research, Advanced Parenting helps families at every stage of their journey—deciding when a child needs help, accepting the implications of a challenge, learning about the issue, and coming up with a comprehensive plan. She serves as an expert advisor for many companies seeking to reach parents and children including Johnson & Johnson, Zarbees, Lalo, and Coterie.

In addition to her media work, Dr. Fradin directs the pediatric programs at the Atria in NYC. Composed of the Atria Academy of Science and Medicine, the not-for-profit Atria Health Collaborative and The Atria Institute in New York City, Atria seeks to unite the world’s leading medical minds, cutting-edge technology, and breakthrough science to deliver proactive, preventative care, and to democratize access to modern medicine globally.

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My goal is to help better support families when their children face challenges.
Kelly Fradin, MD FAAP
Kelly Fradin, MD FAAP
Pediatrician, Mother, Author

My goal is to help better support families when their children face challenges.


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