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When you work with Karla Lester M.D.(she/her/hers), you get results. Not only is she a rockstar, board-certified pediatrician, obesity medicine doctor  and professionally certified life coach with decades of experience, but she also uses her own weight loss journey as fuel for helping teens, parents and physicians succeed — and making it fun! After years of creating community solutions for children’s health, she is bringing all of what works to create IME Community (imecommunity.com).

“I have been working to address the childhood obesity epidemic for nearly two decades of my career. My whole philosophy is “Let’s Meet in the Middle”.  Patients can be body positive and reach their health goals.  It’s time to disrupt weight stigma and bias in healthcare, let go of what doesn’t work and forge a new path that will truly help our patients improve metabolic health, reverse insulin resistance, reach their natural healthy weight set point range and live their magical lives!”- Dr. Karla, ActivistMD

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"Creating community with compassionate connection!"- Dr. Karla, ActivistMD
Karla Lester, M.D
Karla Lester, MD

"Creating community with compassionate connection!"- Dr. Karla, ActivistMD

Book: "the magical everywhere"

Book: “the magical everywhere”

“the magical everywhere” is a beautifully illustrated children’s book by Dr. Karla Lester where young readers are transported around the world visiting all 7 continents and landing back at home to find the magical is everywhere!

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