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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of your burning questions about SoMeDocs.

Health Experts


We are still in our infancy, but plan on broadening inclusion of this website to other experts in healthcare, with full transparency on degrees and training. Our goal is to promote education, expertise, and connection for those working hard to create meaningful online resources.

We currently showcase those who join as members through a members-only portal hosted right on our website. If you’d like to be considered for showcasing without becoming a member, or if you bring valuable content our members can grow from, please get in touch using the contact form.

Our goal is to showcase and connect.

The unique thing about our website is that we feature experts who spend time creating their own individual space online. If you take interest in an expert’s work, you are taken directly to their site, where you interact as the expert wishes. This way, we nurture & support individual experts without meddling in the details.

We categorize uniquely, based on what you’re building.

For example, if you are building a podcast, you can build a page in our Podcast Department and have your podcast showcased there. If you are looking for more speaking engagement, you can build a page in the Speakers Department and get showcased based on the skills you can add to anyone looking for a speaker. If yo’re a writer, you can build a page in our Writer’s Department, and get more eyeballs on your blog or book. If you’re a coach, you can build a page in the Coaches Department, where your services can get highlighted and you will hopefully convert and get hired.


We got you covered.

Most health experts today are busy focusing on building their physical practices and don’t have time to market or promote their voice.

That’s where we come in.

We are a ‘collective marketing solution’, building a space that houses health expert voices. We list experts based on their field of expertise, in our Specialty Databank. If readers want to find experts in your particular field, they can click in and look through the options.

Our profiles are special. Here’s why.

Your profile is initially built based on your medical specialty. From there, when you build content that’s based on what you’re building, it can be added right into your profile, in a beautifully laid out space that you will be proud to share.

For example, if you’re interested in sharing articles on a business you’re growing, those articles will show up in your profile. If you decide to build a podcast page for your podcast, that will show up in your profile, too.

We call our projects ‘curated’ because we spend a significant amount of time organizing them, so they have consistency and value to them.

Examples include expert courses in our SoMeDocs University, where our experts build courses from scratch and you get to learn from them, the source.

Another example is our series, which we carefully build to educate and entertain.

SoMeDocs is an unusual & unique space. When you join,  the FB community is pretty great. But if you want to join our members-only group, the ability to build customized pages right inside our website, access to special lectures that help with professional development and more, you’ll want to join our membership plan. And unlike other sites, we market the content that’s on our site, so you get free marketing of your thought leadership, when we share your work.

Yes, our membership is risk-free. You’ll get a full refund if you decide to cancel anytime within the first 30 days of an annual membership, or within the first five days of a monthly membership. Please note that  you’ll only get grandfathered in at a rate if you do not cancel. 

The Public

Not at all.

This website is for both experts AND the general public, who wishes to get connected to the educated innovators of today.

We feature health experts who are spending their free time creating valuable online resources, just for you.

It is meant to more quickly connect you, the reader, with verified health experts, and provide transparency where it comes to training and degrees.

Most health experts today are very busy taking care of patients in real life. Because many don’t have extra time to promote themselves in the digital space, their voices aren’t being heard. 

Those that are taking the time to speak up and create can’t be found, because their marketing power isn’t strong enough. Can you blame them? They’re busy healing, not learning how to better market!

We know how important it is for our society to hear their messages, and so we are dedicated to amplifying their voice. This way, they continue working hard “in the healthcare trenches” while we do the rest. 

We’re helping you to find them. So you can have more reliable sources. We’re connecting you to the verified experts of today. 

We’re grassroots, having been built from the ground up by a physician, who herself felt frustrated that her colleagues weren’t being heard.

We continue to be run by health experts, who are building an original & authentic space where you don’t have to rely on journalists reporting accurately, because the experts themselves are delivering the information, right to you!

You’re connecting with value for better health outcomes and success.

While a one-on-one physical interaction remains valuable, we often need general questions answered quickly. And we want them straight from the source.

Health experts are realizing the value that the digital space brings and they’re individually building resources so you can get information directly from them.

We’re here to showcase their creations, and categorize them beautifully on this site, in order to facilitate quality connections that are a click away.

We categorize uniquely, based on your needs.

For example, if you need a health expert in a particular specialty, find them in our Specialty Databank. If you want to find experts in a particular side niche, look through our departments. We have several growing, including Podcasts, Speakers, Coaches, and Writers. If you want to find an upcoming event an expert is holding, we showcase those too.

Not at this time. Our goal is simple: to connect.

These days, when you find an expert online, they’re not always seeing patients. Some of them are writing regularly in blogs, or publishing interesting books. Others are building on ideas. Others are podcasting. Others are creating online resources that are unique and innovative.

The possibilities are endless, given the vast space of the online world.

We’re merely here to showcase and connect.


Find a verified physician based on your needs. You can search based on categories: by medical specialty (if you want to read about high blood pressure, you’d look in the cardiology section for cardiologists to follow), or by their side niche in our “departments” (if you want to find a podcast to listen to, you’d go there, or if you want to find a book to read, go to the Writer’s Dept)


Find experts for your project, whether it’s consultants your startup needs, or a verified expert as speaker for your next event.

Podcasters/Content Creators:

Get linked up with quality guests on your show, faster. Our departments are filling up with verified experts. They’re simply a click away. We are building a speakers dept as well, with experts who want to get on more shows and spread the word on their work.


No more HARO. Go straight to the source. Physicians are now accessible at the click of a button. We know because we’re helping them become this accessible. Reaching them more rapidly means that a quicker story gets created for your publication. It’s a win-win.

We are laying down the foundation to showcase those of you who are experts in digital services, so you can help our health experts shine in unique ways.

Get in touch if you’d like to set up a series around your niche of expertise, or sponsor any of our work, using our contact form.


We’re working on a way to partner up with companies who wish to sponsor memberships or projects we curate. This is coming soon.


Non-physicians are welcome to use our digital services, available to anyone. They’re stand out and unique. Access them here.

We also have our FB Group networking space, open to the public, where we showcase our health experts and facilitate discussion. Access it here.

NOT Your Average Health Networking

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