Jimmy Henry MD

Physician Wellness Coach, Corporate Wellness Consultant


I am a native of Chicago, receiving an undergraduate engineering degree from Northwestern university and medical degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I then completed both a residency in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and fellowship in Pain Medicine at Temple University Hospital. I worked in solo private practice for ten years specializing in Interventional Spine and Pain Medicine, often using interventional procedures to provide alternatives to opioid medications. I also served as an industry consultant for medical device and pharma as an educational speaker and expert panelist.

I began to prioritize my own wellness only after enduring multiple personal and professional traumas over the years. I believe those lessons propelled me to discover true healing and prepared me to serve my fellow colleagues in my current capacity as a physician wellness coach. I am passionate about empowering healthcare professionals experiencing burnout to care about their own health through wholistic wellness and fitness so they can better care for their patients. As a solopreneur private practice physician who transitioned to a career in peer coaching, I utilize my personal and professional experiences to help you navigate the troubled waters in your life and walk with you along your healing journey. I also enjoy public speaking as a corporate wellness consultant employing my unique perspective and wholistic approach.

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Medicine is a ministry. Your body is your temple. Your wellness is your worship!
Jimmy Henry MD
Jimmy Henry MD

Medicine is a ministry. Your body is your temple. Your wellness is your worship!


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