Keira Barr, MD joins, on this episode of Entrepreneurs in Medicine (with Dr. Corriel).

We talk about:

  • how Dr. Barr runs her entrepreneurial structure
  • skin as a reflection of everything that happens in your life
  • doctors being “good people” (who wouldn’t say anything about someone’s completely misplaced lipstick)
  • needing sunscreen for blue ray exposure (for the entrepreneurs, like me, who spend a lot of time in front of a screen!)
  • leaving the warm blanket of “expectation,” as budding entrepreneurs

Dr. Barr’s entire profile can be viewed here.


Shoutouts & Links from this Episode:

Dr. Alejandro Badia’s episode, speaking about the majority of residents going straight into employment, mentioned in this episode, can be found here.

Neurodiversity: A Conference About People Who Think Differently, taking place live June 2024, and then available for access when the live event is over.

The Holistic Skin Care: Solutions For Emotional Drivers Of Skin Disease Conference


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Keira Barr, MD

Keira Barr, MD FAAD

Learning to accept and then love the skin you’re in exactly the way it is, is to liberate yourself to live the life you crave.

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Is Dr. Keira Barr for Entrepreneurship in Healthcare? [EPISODE]

Dr. Keira joins to give her perspective on entrepreneurship. We talk about her unique dermatology practice, learning how to pivot after following the rules, and more.

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