Integrative Approach to Addressing Obesity: Combining Clinical Expertise with Emerging Technologies

Miriam Zylberglait, MD explores holistic obesity management: integrating clinical expertise and emerging tech for sustainable, personalized care, enhancing patient outcomes and well-being.


Target Audience: Healthcare professionals, including physicians, nurses, dietitians, and psychologists, interested in advancing their understanding of obesity management through an integrative approach.

Learning Objectives:

– Understand the multifaceted nature of obesity as a medical condition, including its impact on morbidity, disability, and mortality.

– Explore the importance of a comprehensive approach to obesity management, incorporating clinical, emotional, social, and epigenetic considerations.

– Learn how to leverage the art of medicine to tailor treatment plans to the individual needs of patients, taking into account their unique circumstances and preferences.

– Discover emerging technologies such as remote monitoring, precision medicine, and DNA testing, and explore how these tools can be integrated with clinical expertise to enhance long-term, sustainable outcomes for patients battling obesity.


(This lecture is part of our Innovative Approaches To Obesity Medicine For Healthcare Professionals)

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Miriam Zylberglait, MD, FACP, dABOM

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Miriam Zylberglait, MD, FACP, dABOM


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