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"Nothing beats the feeling of getting reached out to with a pitch or proposal and having it attached to an enticing offer (Look ma! I'm a paid medical writer!)"

Getting Started as a Paid Medical Writer is Easier than It’s Ever Been


I recently saw a post in a FB group for physicians which asked how to start as a newbie in freelance writing jobs.


I immediately lit up (in the feeling-excited kind of way, not in the illicit kind). I had so much to say in this regard, and a lot of experience.


So here goes. I may as well share my tips with the world:


There are many opportunities for writing out there, and especially when you have a medical degree. They’re not all paid and paid hugs are especially difficult to come by, esp if you’re newer to the side gig. And especially if you value your worth and want to get paid in accordance with what your MD is worth.


How I started getting offers for paid writing was the combination of:


  • writing (sounds like it should be obvious but many docs don’t write well and need the practice to get better. I did.)
  • getting picked up on sites that showcased my writing for me (and helped to market me as a thought leader)
  • networking to pick up on opportunities
  • building an actual online brand so that potential companies hiring not only know EXACTLY where my expertise lies but also sees it (I like to even say “feels it” themselves).


At the end of the day, the best feeling is getting reached out to with a pitch/proposal that’s attached to an enticing offer.

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