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Adele Gutman Milne

Insights from a Hospitality Coach: How to Enhance the Patient Experience and Inspire 5-Star Reviews

even doctors need life lessons: season I


Enhancing Patient Experience

  • The power of Social Proof and Patient Reviews to build your online reputation
  • How to increase the quality and quality of reviews to build your business
  • Embracing feedback and creating a culture of continuous improvement
  • The root cause of patient experience dissatisfaction
  • How to inspire your team to perform at their best
  • How to deliver an outstanding patience experience in the waiting room
  • How to deliver an outstanding patient experience in the exam room

Adele Gutman Milne

Adele Gutman Milne, a hospitality expert, speaks about enhancing patient experience in a healthcare setting.

During her tenure as Vice President of the Library Hotel Collection, Adele Milne Gutman orchestrated the initiatives that helped the small brand of hotels achieve a 96.1% Guest Satisfaction Rating, outperforming any other luxury hotel brand in the world. Their hotels were all top-rated in their cities on Tripadvisor, and the Aria Hotel Budapest by Library Hotel Collection was ranked the #1 Hotel in the World on Tripadvisor for guest satisfaction in 2017, out of 1.1 Million hotels in the world.


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Here's what makes our speaker qualified to speak about Enhancing Patient Experience

stand-out quotes from past lectures' speakers

We know that 2,500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato talked about akrasia, the tendency to act against our better judgement. And if Plato was complaining about people getting distracted and akrasia 2,500 years ago, it cannot be a new problem. It must have been something that plagues the human condition.

Nir Eyal, lecture #1

The reason you want a mission and a motto is because as you are working towards these goals, you have something you can call back to. So when opportunities come your way, you can assess whether it's going to help serve your mission because you've already identified what you want and what kind of compass you need to keep you on track.

Debra Eckerling, lecture #11

Ultimately, the course of our lives are based off of the interpretations of the events that we experience.
Everyone could experience the same exact event, but we would all interpret it in largely different ways, and then based on the actions we take, we go off on our different paths.

Joe Fairless, Lecture #7

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