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"How to Be a Great Doctor & Still Take a spontaneous Day Off": Dr. Julie K. Gunther
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ABOUT Dr. Julie Gunther



Dr. Julie Gunther is a Board Certified family physician who has owned her own independent direct primary care practice in Boise Idaho since 2014. She completed her undergraduate work at Harvard University, pre-med work in a post-baccaularate program at Vanderbilt and earned her MD from the University of Washington in Seattle. She is a breast cancer survivor, a mom and an entrepreneur. Dr. Gunther has worked extensively to help educate, mentor and advocate for her patients, for healthcare as a whole and for physicians.

Her book, Sparks Start Fires is a conversational how-to for physicians wanting to open their own cash-priced practice. She has been featured in national and regional publications including Forbes, Medical Economics, Reason TV, NPR, The Idaho Statesman, Idaho Business Review among many others. She routinely speaks on behalf of physicians and to physicians about healthcare entrepreneurship and innovation.

She is current President of the Direct Primary Care Alliance, past Vice President of the DPCA and previously lobbied for healthcare payment reform as a Board Member of The Direct Primary Care Coalition. Dr Gunther’s latest creation, in conjunction with other physicians of the DPCA are a national series of 2 day “Masterminds” for physicians, by physicians to learn about business, entrepreneurship and independent medical practice. She can be reached at her email.

Meet Our Executive Chef

About Dana Corriel, MD



Dr. Dana Corriel is an internist turned entrepreneur, digital designer, and consultant. Her SoMeDocs profile can be found here.

Dana (pronounced dah-nah) got her start in the digital world as a casual blogger, pushing past traditional boundaries where the field of medicine was concerned. She founded a little-known startup called SoMeDocs, a few years before pivoting from clinical practice, and now runs the entire venture full-time.

“I spent years literally glued to my sofa seat,” she says of the venture – & adventure! – she spends her days and nights fueling, from building out the website you’re on, to the social platforms, to interactive communities she regularly fuels. “My living room sofa literally has a dent in it, from my tush. But I’m proud of that dent because it represents so much of my hard work and dedication to helping doctors get the word out on their work.”

She hopes that more professionals consider sharing online, in whatever way, shape, or form they wish, and continues to work broadly with professionals and non-professionals alike, in building effective online brands and content.

About This Series

After wrapping up the first season of “How-To Physician” several months back, and packaging it up so neatly in our website’s SERIES section, we decided it was time for a round 2.

So we sent out the “invitations,” & we got ourselves poised for yet another 12 physician rockstars, who share with us, via live-stream, skills they’ve leveraged outside of medical practice.

(Footage is live-streamed into our Facebook Group)

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