Higher Degrees Should Serve a Purpose; Especially Online

Education matters. And higher degrees should serve a purpose; otherwise, why get them?

My new career angle revolves around marketing. Specifically, the marketing of “degreed” voices in healthcare.


Because there are SO MANY voices online, and I realized just how difficult it can be for the world at large to distinguish which voices came with degrees behind them.

Why does it matter? Are degrees the end all be all?

Absolutely not.

But they serve a purpose. They’re an added stamp that can help filter out whether a voice has spent adequate time getting educated.

Because education matters. And higher degrees should serve a purpose. Otherwise, why get them?

Are degrees always indicative of quality? Of intelligence?

No. Because nothing in life is an absolute.

But they usually do.

So I’m continuing to build doctorsonsocialmedia.com, the space that will ultimately showcase my colleagues; the health experts.

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