Health Insurance is a Scam

Daniel Paull M.D. says your health insurance is scamming you.

Health insurance is one of the great scams that is going on right now in the US.

Is it always a scam? No, not always. Some people actually do meet their deductible and get good value out of their plans.

But those people are in the minority.

For most people, they pay large premiums every month which are deducted directly out of their paycheck. Their employers are also paying a whole lot of money on their employees behalf. Imagine what you could do with an extra $20,000 a year that was wasted on insurance premiums.

What do most people get for paying their premiums? The “opportunity” to stay in very narrow networks and pay an additional $8,000 out of pocket before the health insurance company will pay a single dollar. If you happen to be out of network, or are treated by an out of network provider at an in network facility (becoming increasingly illegal), they won’t pay a dime!


What do most people get for paying their premiums? The 'opportunity' to stay in very narrow networks and pay an additional $8,000 out of pocket before the health insurance company will pay a single dollar. Click To Tweet


If that sounds like a scam, that’s because it is. For most healthy people, they would be much better off with a direct primary care doctor which can provide 80% of treatment, and getting a health share that will cover any catastrophic care that is needed. Better care at a much lower cost. This is what I do personally for myself and my family.

But, if you enjoy paying massive premiums every month, never meeting your deductible, and then having to wait excessive amounts to see any physician for a short 7 minutes of facetime, please keep doing what you’re doing.


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