Making Swimsuits for Breast Asymmetry [VIDEO]

Dr. Talia Schwartz is developing luxury swimwear for women with breast asymmetry.

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Developing luxury swimwear for women with breast asymmetry: Dr. Talia Schwartz.


Innovator’s Full Name

Dr. Talia Schwartz


Title and Specialty

I’m a non-practicing MD, turned swimwear designer.


Innovation project and tagline

I’m the founder of SOLEIL ROSE, luxury swimwear for women with breast asymmetry.  Our tagline is “Don’t get mad. Get even.”


Problem your innovation solves

SOLEIL ROSE was created to provide thoughtful and practical solutions for women with breast asymmetry.  Our innovative designs and patent-pending technology allow women to customize their enhancement, with our hidden adjustable straps and dual-pocketed cup design.  Feedback from our customers has highlighted how SOLEIL ROSE swimsuits also provide wonderful support for all women who would like to feel their most confident in their swimwear.


Intended target audience/user of your innovation

Our intended audience is women seeking solutions for breast asymmetry or simply superior breast support.


Interesting experience while developing your innovation

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017, and after completing my treatment, including a double mastectomy, radiation, and several more breast surgeries, I was left with uneven breasts.  I was very frustrated after searching for solutions to accommodate my asymmetry.  I found that the traditional mastectomy swimwear felt as if it was designed to hide my breasts.  I also felt that the designs did not resonate with my wish to look and feel beautiful and confident (and sexy).  Breast asymmetry is very common for breast cancer survivors, but in fact over 80% of women have asymmetrical breasts, for a variety of reasons.  After speaking to many survivors and friends, I realized how many women could benefit from my concept, and SOLEIL ROSE was born!


Mistakes/hurdles along the way

My first mistake happened very early in the development process.  The first designer I met with told me that my idea wouldn’t work because, “it’s never been done before.”  Although this was the very reason that I was creating SOLEIL ROSE, I was very discouraged by these words and I began to doubt myself.  I eventually found a veteran designer who truly understood my vision and understood that the novelty of our design and the intended audience, was what set us apart.

I should mention that my 8year-old son helped me sign up for Instagram.  That’s how inexperienced I was with social media at that point!


Typical day in your life

A typical day is waking up and dragging my 3 kids out of bed for online school. My brain doesn’t start working until I have a cup of coffee and stretch for 5 minutes to get my blood flowing and feel energized.  I’m able to work from home so I start by answering emails and phone calls.  I love to cook so in between meetings, I’m usually prepping dinner.  And I make sure that I find 45 minutes at some point to get my exercise in.  Some days that happens at night with a Pilates or yoga video at 10pm!


Someone who inspires you

My daughters inspired me to pursue this.  I know first hand how the insecurities we face regarding our bodies can shape how we enjoy our experiences.  I didn’t want to be hiding in a corner at the beach feeling uncomfortable in my skin.  And I don’t want them in that position ever either.  Our premier collection is named after them, the Maya One-Piece and the Nina Bikini.


Parting words of wisdom

We have one go around- you will never regret what you tried, but rather what you didn’t.  I try to live by these words as best I can.

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Innovator Bio

Talia Schwartz is a non-practicing MD, turned swimwear designer, based in Corvallis, OR.  In 2020, Talia founded SOLEIL ROSE, swimwear for breast asymmetry, after her own breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Talia received her BA from UCLA and her MD from Sackler School of Medicine.  Upon graduation, she worked as a Medical Science Liaison for Janssen Pharmaceuticals, in Neurology Medical Affairs. For the past 14 years, Talia has worked in bookkeeping for a private medical practice.

She spends her leisure time with her husband, 3 kids, and family and friends, reading, cooking, and going on long walks in the Oregon woods.

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