Tracking UTIs with Technology [VIDEO]

Dr. Dana Rice is creating a space for patients to receive real medical information about UTIs without all the myths.

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Creating a space where patients can receive real medical information without all of the myths surrounding UTIs.

Innovator’s Full Name

Dr. Dana Rice


Title and Specialty

MD, Urologist


Innovation project and tagline

I am the creator of the UTI Tracker app.


Problem your innovation solves

I wanted to create a space where patients could receive real medical information without all of the myths surrounding UTIs. It is technology that helps both patients and physicians better care for UTI patients.


Intended target audience/user of your innovation

Target audience is anyone who suffers from UTIs and overactive bladder issues.


Interesting experience while developing your innovation

I developed my app in a moleskine notebook. The biggest struggle for me was meeting with and setting up contracts and meetings to have the app built. There was so much to learn on how to start a business and protect intellectual property. I have met wonderful people along the way who have helped encourage and support me. When I was first launching the product I got to meet so many female docs on similar yet different paths (Shannon from Lume, Tisha from Rowe docs etc).


mistakes/hurdles along the way

I found social media and advertising to be way beyond my ability as a full time practicing physician. I ultimately knew that if I wanted the product to take off I needed to dedicate more time than I had. I wish I could have taken more time for the app. Ultimately I have partnered with UTIVA.


Typical day in your life

I am usually up and rounding on patients prior to clinic starting at 8:30AM. This means up by 5:30-6AM, hospital by 7am, clinic 8:30-5:30/6PM. I do this 3 days a week. The other two days are full OR days with rounding prior to 7:30AM OR start. I take call every 6th night and weekend.

After work I am a mom, I do dinner, bath, homework, play etc until they are in bed. Then I try to work out or walk with my husband. By 9:30PM I usually have time to catch up on kids needs, projects, clothes ordering, etc. I often will chart for an hour or so and go to bed by midnight to 1AM. For the past few years, I worked app developing and social media into the “gaps” in that timeline.


Someone who inspires you

I have had UTIs, friends with UTIs and my daughter has UTIs. My husband supported me to take the leap for the app, but the lack of good medical information available to women in a concise manner is what inspired me to make the app.


Parting words of wisdom

I believe that there is a need to improve education and treatment plans for women with UTIs. I believe in my ideas and know that this app can help both patients and physicians. I realized that a big project like this easily could have been my full-time job. I was not ready to give up clinical medicine, but I do believe there is a need for more innovative physician designed programs for education beyond just UTIs.  It think this is something we(doctors) need to look to in the future and take control of before other groups do.



Innovator Bio

Dana C. Rice, MD is a board certified urologist with the Inova Medical Group in Northern Virginia.  She completed her medical studies and her postgraduate residency at George Washington University. She has co-authored chapters on urinary tract infections and pediatric uroradiology, as well as being published in a handful of other urologic articles. She developed her UTI Tracker app to help educate patients and physicians with a goal of providing accurate, easily accessible information in one cohesive program.

Dr. Rice was named a top doctor in the Washingtonian Magazine and Northern Virginia Magazine in 2017. She has contributed to or been featured in numerous media outlets, such as, Cosmo, Buzzfeed, Romper, E Health Radio, Northern VA Magazine and Ashley Iaconetti’s I don’t get it, podcast.

She resides in Mclean, Virginia and maintains a very busy surgical practice as well as being a wife and mother of two young children.

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