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Dr. Chrystene Nguyen

Dr. Chrystene Nguyen. is creating an exclusive dating app meant solely for healthcare professionals.

health innovator series: Creating an Exclusive Dating App for Healthcare Professionals: Dr. Chrystene Nguyen.
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title and specialty

MD, Family Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine

innovation project and tagline

White Coat Romance. An Exclusive Dating App for Healthcare Professionals.

problem your innovation solves

Help single healthcare professionals make a romantic connection

intended target audience/user of your innovation

Single healthcare professionals (include doctorate degrees and PA/NPs)

interesting experience while developing your innovation

Learning the steps and following through what is needed to make the innovation happen can be quite daunting, especially as a newbie entrepreneur. It can be tricky at times to sift and navigate through all the generous and valuable advice given that can sometimes differ. It helps to focus on what falls in line with my innovative goals.

mistakes/hurdles along the way

Innovation requires all types of investments and not just financial, but also requires a whole lot of time that may not pay off right away, patience, and networking ability. I am learning to pivot and problem solve, be flexible, keep an open mind, get out of my comfort zone and get more help in order to grow and maintain my sanity.

typical day in your life

My work schedule varies. I am either covering an Urgent Care shift, or working on the White Coat Romance dating app and engaging in its Facebook group. I do my best to maximize healthy lifestyle measures and cook healthy meals and join in Aerial Silks class for fitness as often as possible.

someone who inspires you

My single healthcare professional friends who have made a lot of sacrifices and have not given their love life top priority. 

parting words of wisdom

We are all bursting with wonderful ideas that have the power to change people’s lives so don’t hold back, and go out there and innovate!
Season 2 is getting built:

Are you an innovator?

Innovator Bio

Dr. Chrystene Nguyen is a physician in Southern California who is passionate about family medicine and lifestyle medicine, both of which she is board certified in. She believes a major part of optimal health includes having community and being socially connected so during Covid quarantine, after being inspired by all the work her colleagues were doing to support one another and the community, she started a Facebook group called White Coat Romance for single healthcare professionals, where this group can virtually mingle, provide support and make new friends. She is a hopeless romantic with a long-time fascination with technological innovations, which led her to now developing the White Coat Romance dating app for single healthcare professionals. She is a podcast junkie who enjoys Aerial silks fitness, cooking, and recently discovered the power of meditation.
health innovator series: Creating an Exclusive Dating App for Healthcare Professionals: Dr. Chrystene Nguyen.

About this series.

The Health Innovators series features physicians who think outside the box, push past healthcare “comfort zones,” and take a chance on their ideas.

The world needs more healthcare innovators.

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