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Dr. Good Teaches Book Proposal 101: From Vision, to Creation, to Promotion

If you want to publish a book but your head is full of non-fiction writing projects and you’re not sure where to start, this is the perfect course for you!

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Here's the deal.

As a busy professional, it’s challenging to find the time (and energy) to write consistently. Adding a book project may seem overwhelming right now, but you can do it with the right support!

Before I started writing, I spent months researching publishing options and writer’s platforms. All that reading messed with my head–I doubted myself, and that is not the energy you want going into your book!

I was already working as a medical writer and developmental editor but signed up for class after class (some of them I didn’t even finish) and hired an editor, design assistant, and marketing consultant. I didn’t understand what I needed and, before I knew it, had spent thousands of dollars.

I’m proud that I could write my first book while working three jobs, and Own Your Present was published on time despite the pandemic. BUT my journey was expensive and more of a roller coaster than it needed to be.

Book Proposal 101 is the class designed for your busy schedule. I can save you time and money by working on your writer’s platform and formal non-fiction book proposal at the same time, with one coach!

What You'll Gain By Enrolling:

#1  Discover your true mission and goals before you start writing

 #2 Time saving tips to engage your ideal audience

#3 Capture your voice and authority in your proposal and writer’s platform

#4  Action plan to finish your book and market it with authenticity

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Course Clients Said This:

What makes this instructor EXTRA qualified?

Have you been wanting to write a book but don’t know where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed with time management and information overload? 

I know, I have been there!

I’m Candace, a psychiatrist with greater than 15 years of experience in medical writing and developmental editing. 


I always imagined writing a book, but training, clinical care, and family obligations took over. It never felt like the right time, and I was already burned out with day-to-day tasks. 


I’m thankful I found mindfulness practices as I started to feel creative again. The breathing, meditation, and conscious movement of yoga were so powerful in managing my anxiety. I wanted to share my experience with family, friends, and patients in a meaningful way. 


I decided to write a mindfulness book, ignoring the fact that I hadn’t written consistently for years. I was starting from scratch with a minimal online presence. 


When I started, I tried to develop an evidence-based 12-step program, but a very different book came out. It turns out it was my personal stories that connected with the material. The power of the book would be in talking about my own mental health. 


My head thought my WHY was to sell books to grow my wellness business, but my true WHY was in my heart–to serve as a role model for other physicians and my daughter.


At first, I was uncomfortable with marketing myself as an author. Showing up online and for podcasts was painful as I worried about finding the perfect thing to say and branding myself as an expert.

When I started showing up as myself, retelling the story about forgetting my daughter at Barnes & Noble, I became the voice that busy, anxious people could relate to.


Less than a year later, I’ve been offered multiple live appearances, paid speaking gigs, and Psychology Today picked up my blog. 

The best surprise is reader feedback–how my words changed their perception of yoga, work-life balance, or inspired them to write or go back to school for a master’s degree.


I get that writing a book is a business decision, but the journey is so much more. Let’s get started with your WHY!

Stand-Out Features:

This course has 3 modules:

  1. Vision—Start with gaining clarity around your idea and shine a light on what you really want.

  2. Creation—Zoom in on the skills you need to write more efficiently and become more comfortable on sharing your work live on camera.

  3. Promotion—Take action as you write and build your audience with accountability and support.

Let’s take a closer look…

15 videos include practical trainings on:

Book publishing


Time management tools

Time saving hacks for Facebook & Canva

Building your media kit

3 live laser coaching sessions (approximately 30-40 min each) that correspond with the three modules. These sessions include a free platform review and motivate you to move through the course to a completed proposal.

Course Workbook covers: Your Why, Book Titling, Jacket copy, Ideal reader and Comp title exercises, and more!

Formal book proposal template with examples from published physician writers


Bonus material

Memoir workbook

Book excerpt

Resource library to Dr. Good’s favorite links on everything from querying agents to legal matters.

PLUS…Ongoing support through invitation only Facebook group

One Last Thing.

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What it'll Cost Ya:


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