George Rogu M.D CPE MBA

Pediatrician, Leader & Medical Visionary


Dr. George Rogu is an accomplished pediatrician who has stood at the forefront of providing advanced pediatric care on Long Island. Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. Rogu has created cutting edge programs that utilize technology to deliver the latest in care and medical information to patients. He specializes in guiding small private practices through transformations that focus on innovation and updating services to provide advanced medical care.

As CEO and Managing Partner for RBK Pediatrics & Urgent Care, Dr. Rogu acquired a 50 year-old practice and turned it into the most technologically advanced private pediatric practice on Long Island.

While leading RBK Pediatrics & Urgent Care, Dr. Rogu spearheaded a number of initiatives, such as introducing a Pediatric Chronic Care Program which encompassed a Pediatric Obesity Program, Asthma Care, an ADHD Evaluation and Management Program, and an International Adoption Program. This program provides service to approximately 1000 patients per year. On the practice management side, Dr. Rogu has led numerous projects to utilize technology as a tool to provide more efficient and cost effective healthcare. Specifically, he initiated and oversaw the transition to a Pediatric Specific Electronic Health Record (EHR) in 2008 that was cost effective, user friendly and fit the unique needs of the practice. In addition, he directed the Meaningful Use program as Lead Physician. Dr. Rogu drove the acquisition and merger with other practices around Long Island, managing administrative details including negotiating insurance contracts, handling staffing and merging office cultures. He also oversees physicians and cases for Pediatric Inpatients at three local hospitals as part of Pediatric Inpatient Hospital Program.

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“The Most Dangerous Phrase in the Medical Practice Language is We’ve Always Done it This Way”
George Rogu, MD
George Rogu M.D CPE MBA
Pediatrician, Leader & Medical Visionary

“The Most Dangerous Phrase in the Medical Practice Language is We’ve Always Done it This Way”

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