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Discover a surprising array of personalities & expertise in the doctors of today. We help introduce verified doctors to you, here in this free and public website, and organize their work so it’s easier to find. You’re in good hands here. Pun intended.

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At SoMeDocs, we believe in quality; especially where it comes to your health. So:

  • We’re building directories filled with innovative minds you can follow & connect with. We verify everyone’s credentials, so you don’t have to! Real experts, really seamlessly.
  • We host lectures taught by verified experts, regularly. You can catch them while they’re live, or access them on-demand once they’re over.
  • We nurture a unique online magazine, in which the writing comes directly from our experts’ keyboards!
  • Our series section is “Like Netflix but for Healthcare”


.. & there’s even more. So start exploring.

Nisha Kuruvadi, DO, DABOM

Nisha Kuruvadi, DO, DABOM

Dedicated to holistic wellness, combining expertise in Internal and Obesity Medicine for individualized, transformative care.

Eva Mackey, MD

Eva Mackey, MD

Direct Primary Care Physician: I take care of patients, not the insurance company.

Linda Bluestein, MD

Linda Bluestein, MD

My patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS) and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD) inspire me every day!

Jessie Lindemann, MD

Jessie Lindemann, MD

Family Medicine Physician and Hodgkin Lymphoma survivor starting a Cancer Survivorship medical consulting telemedicine business.

Amanda Kirzner, DO, MPH

Amanda Kirzner DO, MPH

“Empowering health through compassion, knowledge, and holistic care. Your journey to wellness starts here.”

We build profiles for each of our doctors, after verifying their credentials. Each profiles is customized for the doctor, based on their skills, expertise & goals. The directory list can be filtered down to make your search more exciting, based on your needs.

Doctors who join gain exposure, not only because this directory is unique and free to use, but because we circulate each profile on our social media platforms, where we proudly nurture a large following.

The directory is ideally used by journalists looking for quick quotes, startups looking for expert advisors, events looking for speakers, podcasts looking for guests, patients looking for experts to follow, and even doctors looking for colleagues to connect with.

Side Ventures [SERIES]


Coming Soon: Guests will discuss the side ventures they’ve taken on, from the books they’re writing, to the podcasts they host, to other extracurriculars they’ve taken on.

We help make health content more exciting by adding a unique touch in editing, design, and circulation. Our experts’ writing gets kicked up a notch, which makes our readers happy.

Choose from the latest articles, videos, or series published, or filter down to a topic or specialty that best suits your needs.

We provide experts with a platform to create and deliver more impactful lectures. This is accomplished by eliminating the most cumbersome parts of the process, like the design, technology, and circulation, so that the expert can focus on delivering great content.

We even offer the potential for generating passive income stream  (and warm leads) for each talk.

Doctors come to us to build up thought leadership and uniquely increase exposure and viewers join us to soak up the content.

Choose from the latest lectures coming up live, or pick a lecture on-demand.

Beyond Exam Rooms:

What doctors create on the side

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Want to listen to doctor-run podcasts?


Docs are writing books & blogs!


Doctors are creating courses just for you


Doctors love to coach

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We've got incredible speakers for your event


Doctors are organizing

A doctor's "2 cents" (she's also our founder):

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