Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti, MD

Gabriela Maradiaga Panayotti, MD

Credentials: MD

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About me

Fun and silly. My young patients often remind me to refocus on the important things in life by having fun and being silly. When I was in medical school, I remember thinking how much fun a day in the pediatric clinic was because you could do your work and be relaxed at the same time. Besides, kids were always straightforward and honest: if they liked you, they let you know, and if they didn’t – they also let you know! That transparent and uncomplicated approach to human relationships was so refreshing. I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English and enjoy caring for families of all backgrounds. I also have a special interest in newborn care and breastfeeding. When I am not at work, I am at home with my wonderful husband, daughter, and dog. Soy completamente bilingue en Espanol e Ingles. Disfruto mucho estar al servicio de familias de origenes diversos.

three topics of focus :


Breastfeeding medicine


Nutrition and Obesity


I think if I told my great-grandparents where I am today they would not believe me. I was born in Honduras, a descendant of poor immigrants from Italy, Spain, and Palestine. I immigrated to the United States to pursue higher education and now I am a primary care pediatrician at Duke Medical Center, fighting for other immigrants to have health, wellness, and dignity. My roots shape my branches.

What makes me stand out:

After several decades dedicated to medicine in the traditional sense of the term, I decided to “step out of line”. when I permitted my imagination to lead me, I made significant strides in both career and personal development. Today, allowing myself to think outside the box, and create original content, earns me time on the virtual spaces of reputable projects, and gives me the confidence that I’m not only following my dreams, but making a difference while doing it. 

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