Featured Physician Artist: Dr. Heather Delaney



What I make:

Fun home decor and presents for all seasons and occasions.


What inspired me to make it:

Crafting is my therapy. I am a neonatologist in a busy private practice and after a hard day in the unit , I come home to spend valuable time with my sweet kids and husband and then I settle into my own “craftherapy”. I love making people smile and I hope I make people smile with my crafts.


Interesting fact about actually making it:

I started this business in April of this year when my husband got sent on back-to-back deployments with the last one being to NYC in support of the COVID pandemic. We had 48 hours of notice and he was gone, again. It was incredibly challenging to navigate our new normal. I needed an outlet and I wanted a laser cutter/engraver for a long time.  This unexpected change of events in 2020 told me there was no better time like the present to get something I really wanted. My biggest seller this holiday season is my “2020” Ornament! This is a collection of phrases/words that sum up 2020. I wrote a “Night Before Christmas 2020” to accompany the ornament. I feel it captures some of our deepest feelings of 2020!

What I do as my day job:



Where you can purchase my gift:


IG: www.Instagram.com/farmhouse_frolics

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