Florencia Halperin, MD

Endocrinologist, Obesity Expert, Mother

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Endocrinology | Internal Medicine | Physician | Weight Management

Dr. Halperin is Chief Medical Officer at Form Health and an endocrinologist who completed her training at Harvard Medical School. She is dedicated to helping her patients reach their weight loss goals and improve their metabolic heath. 

Dr. Halperin completed her internship and residency training in Internal Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH). Dr. Halperin continued to practice medicine at BWH and was appointed the Medical Director of the Program for Weight Management in 2009. In 2013, she became Chief of Endocrinology at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital in Boston, MA.  At that time, she also founded and served as Co-Director of the BWH Center for Weight Management and Metabolic Surgery. In 2019, Dr. Halperin accepted the position of Chief Medical Officer at Form Health, where she is able to deliver high quality medical care via telehealth to people living with obesity. 

Dr. Halperin is a member of many professional associations including the American Medical Association, Endocrine Society, American Diabetes Association, and The Obesity Society. She is a recipient of numerous awards that highlight her dedication to patient care including the Castle Connolly America’s Top Doctors and the Schwartz Center Award for Compassionate Care.

Dr. Halperin lives in the Boston suburbs with her husband and 3 kids.

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Obesity is not someone's fault, but a complex combination of biology and environment.
Florencia Halperin, MD
Florencia Halperin, MD

Obesity is not someone's fault, but a complex combination of biology and environment.

The Future of Telehealth in Obesity Care

Florencia Halperin, MD, explains why telehealth represents a tremendous opportunity to expand access to expert care for obesity, and could help people achieve a healthier weight.

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