Facebook is Engrained in Our Human DNA

Saying some things many of us feel about Facebook out loud, in the hopes that we figure out a way to more seamlessly connect online.

Has Facebook Become Engrained in Human DNA?

Of course it has. Did anyone think it would turn out any differently?

These platforms are built to be addictive. And at this point, even without being addicted to them, the world is living within its virtual walls. So entrepreneurs flock there. Because it’s where it makes most sense to network, market, live.

It’s not any different, quite honestly, than any other platform. That one’s just achieved success more rapidly. It was the first of its kind.

And because platforms are controlled by those at the top, and platforms are entrepreneurial in nature, none of them will truly allow you to FREELY post what you wish.

There are always hidden factors behind the scenes. There will always be a catch. Rules. And sadly, they’re often non-transparent. They understandable protect the business, on expense of the people using the platform.

This came up in a post by Leah Houston, MD, who is also an innovator actively trying to find feasible solutions.

Look forward to continuing this discussion with many of you “thinkers” and “communicators” out there, so we can all find more solutions together.


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