Date/Time: 2023-03-05 10:15 EST

03/05: (CONFERENCE) Genetics Vs Environment: Which One Creates Success in Entrepreneurship?

Harvey Castro MD MBA discusses whether genes or environment are responsible for entrepreneurial success stories versus those who are continually held back.

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(Part of the Entrepreneurship & Networking for Doctors Conference)

Creating something new, taking calculated risks, and effectively allocating resources are all aspects of entrepreneurship. Environmental and genetic variables both play a role in this intricate process.

This lecture will examine how a person’s propensity to become an entrepreneur is influenced by genetic and environmental factors that drive entrepreneurship.

Personality qualities and risk tolerance are critical genetic determinants of entrepreneurship. These characteristics influence an individual’s approach to entrepreneurship and can be inherited or learned via experience. Entrepreneurs engage in this process to accomplish their objectives and are prepared to take risks. Studies show that 35 to 50 percent of an individual’s propensity to start a business is genetic. You have a genetic predisposition for spotting new business opportunities. Since self-employment income is heritable, your genetics may impact your decision to work for yourself.

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Harvey Castro MD MBA

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