Genetics Vs Environment: Which One Creates Success in Entrepreneurship? [CONFERENCE]

Harvey Castro MD MBA discusses whether genes or environment are responsible for entrepreneurial success stories versus those who are continually held back.

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Target Audience: 

The ideal candidate for this lecture on Entrepreneurship: Genetic vs. Environmental would be professionals interested in starting or growing a business or understanding the factors that influence entrepreneurial behavior. This would include physicians and professionals from other fields, such as business, finance, marketing, and management. Additionally, individuals interested in studying the intersection of genetics and entrepreneurship would also be well-suited for this lecture.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship: Defining entrepreneurship and its importance in the economy.
  • Genetic Factors in Entrepreneurship: Discussion of research on the role of genetics in entrepreneurial behavior, including personality traits, risk-taking, and creativity.
  • Environmental Factors in Entrepreneurship: Discuss how external factors such as education, access to resources, and cultural norms influence entrepreneurial behavior.
  • Comparison of Genetic and Environmental Factors: Analysis of the relative importance of genetic and environmental factors in determining entrepreneurial behavior and success.
  • Case Studies: Examination of specific entrepreneurs and the personal and environmental factors that led to their success.
  • Entrepreneurial Action: Assessing the impact of genetic and environmental factors on entrepreneurs’ decision-making process and actions.
  • Entrepreneurial Culture: Examining the role of cultural and societal influences on the development and success of entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Conclusion: Summary of key points and discussion of future research directions in genetics and entrepreneurship.

The Speaker

The Speaker

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