Elisha Peterson MD MEd FAAP FASA

Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host of Sevo Sistas, Pediatric Anesthesiologist & Pain Medicine Physician, Medical Educator


Anesthesiology | Pain Management | Physician | Student-Focus/Mentor

Elisha Peterson MD MEd FAAP FASA is a triple-board certified anesthesiologist and Harvard trained pain medicine physician, speaker, coach and medical educator.  Dr. Peterson empowers patients and families to get their life back from chronic pain through education and use of the biopsychosocial model of treatment.  She serves as Director of Chronic Pain at Children’s National Hospital and Associate Professor in the Department of Anesthesiology at George Washington University (GW).

Dr. Peterson completed her anesthesiology training at Washington University in St. Louis and dual fellowship training at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Harvard Tri-Institutional Pain Fellowship.  At Children’s National, Dr. Peterson directs medical trainee pain education and serves as an associate fellowship director for GW inaugural pain fellowship.  She contributes to textbooks, research articles and blogs in the field of Pain Medicine.  Dr. Peterson serves on the Board of Directors for the Society of Pediatric Pain Medicine and sits on the medical advisory board for Verywell Family, a comprehensive curated library of trustworthy health information.

Dr. Peterson has been featured on TEDx , Authority Magazine, Chicago Sun-Times, and multiple podcasts. She is the host of the Sevo Sistas podcast which serves to demystify and diversify the field of anesthesiology and is co-editor for the pediatric section of the OpenAnesthesia podcast.  Dr. Peterson lives in Washington DC with her husband and their three children.

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To demystify and diversify the field of anesthesiology. To demystify pain and pain treatment.
Elisha Peterson MD MEd FAAP FASA
Elisha Peterson MD MEd FAAP FASA

To demystify and diversify the field of anesthesiology. To demystify pain and pain treatment.

Elisha Peterson MD MEd FAAP FASA

Speaker: Elisha Peterson MD

“Dr. Elisha Peterson: Harvard-trained pediatric anesthesiologist, TEDx speaker, and thought leader. Advocate for patients with chronic pain and BIPOC healthcare equity. Engaging, impactful, and committed to diversity.”


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